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Ilán's Appointment at Children's Hospital

Today, Ilán had his appointment at Children's Hospital. His pediatrician had wanted us to go for what was assumed to be acid reflux, and for this funny wheezing sound he makes when he inhales which he thought was probably due to something with his trachea. I wasn't able to go to the appointment because three days ago I started back on Zoloft and for some reason it's really been messing with my system and last night and this morning I didn't get any sleep and was feeling horribly sick. So when it came time to leave at 7am today, there was no way I was getting in a car. That would've resulted in me throwing up. Luckily, Tony's mom had already planned on going with us, so she and Tony took Ilán.

They met with a GI specialist. After talking with Tony, she said she doesn't think that acid reflux is the main problem (although it's still very likely that he does have that). She thinks he's having trouble digesting the proteins in cow's milk (which is what his normal formula is), so now he is on special hypo-allergenic formula. She said that the non-digestion of proteins could be shedding his intestinal lining and irritating his bowels, which would explain the constant fussiness, recent constipation, etc. She found blood in his stool which is a big sign that points to this protein issue. He's supposed to be on the new formula for two weeks and then we call to give a report on how he's doing.

I'm not convinced this is the issue, because his pediatrician was pretty positive he has reflux and that's what was causing the issues, but I suppose I should trust the specialist and just wait and see what happens with the formula.

Also, she said the breathing thing is definitely his trachea but it should go away by six months, but if not, they may try to fix it.

And, they are going to set us up with a custom-fit wedge for Ilan to sleep in. It will keep his body stretched out and at an angle, which should make it more comfortable for his tummy. This makes me nervous because he's been sleeping in his bouncy chair for almost three months and he sleeps really well in it, so I think the transition will be really rough and we'll all lose a lot of sleep. But I guess we'll find out.

The new formula is disgusting. It smells terrible, and he looks confused when he drinks it :P The smell wasn't new to me, though, as one baby was on it when I worked at the daycare. But man, you never get used to it, it's just as gross every time :P

He weighs 11 lbs, 4 oz. Tony forgot his length, but she said that both weight and height were in the 10th-25th percentile. He's a little guy, but he's looking so big to me! He's starting to look more like a little baby boy than a newborn, and he's getting such a personality. Now if only we can get his issues worked out so he can be happy!
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