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6-ish Week Update

Ilán will be six weeks old this Sunday. I'm still not sure if it feels like it's been more or less time that. Everything is still a blur, what with my bad labor, traumatic C-section, and horrible recovery.

Ilán and I both had six(-ish) week check-ups on the 23rd. Mine went really well. I'm healing perfectly (uterus is back to its normal size, my insides have reorganized themselves back to where they were pre-pregnancy, my incision is fine and the tape strips are almost off, etc.). I've lost all but six pounds of my pregnancy weight (although I'd lost all but seven pounds of it within 10 days post-partum, so this wasn't news) and my doctor said I should win an award for losing that much (almost 30 pounds within 10 days post-partum) and I should also win an award for the longest and most traumatic labor/delivery/recovery that he can remember in his 27 years of delivering babies. So now you know it's not just me being a wimp when I say how terrible a time I had!

At this point, I am not on any medication at all. When I felt comfortable going off my blood pressure medicine, I stopped taking everything else, including Zoloft, which I've been on since high school. So far, I've been doing okay. My blood pressure was better than normal at this appointment. I haven't had any anxiety while being off Zoloft. I was supposed to keep taking it because of my post-partum depression, but at this point I don't feel like it would help much, and I'm doing a lot better in the depression department now that I'm doing better physically. Next appointment, he's going to have them draw my blood to check my iron and vitamin D levels to see if he wants me on supplements for either of those, but I'm really hoping they'll be high enough that he won't because I don't want to be taking anything. He did give me a prescription for birth control, which I obviously need to be on (as much as I love my son, I don't want another one yet!!!)

Ilán wasn't supposed to have an appointment until two months but I made him one anyway because I had some questions for the doctor, and it turns out it's a good thing I did because when I mentioned some things that have been going on with him, the doctor said he thinks he has GERD (gastroesophageal reflux disease). He said this because I said Ilán is gassy, strains to get gas out and to poop even if he doesn't seem to need to do either, has hiccups a lot (like, six times a day), is only happy when he's held completely upright, is constantly moving his tongue around, and is very fussy. All these signs point to GERD.

So he suggested we try soy formula, and said if that didn't help, he'd put him on medicine. So right afterwards we went out and got soy formula, and even after just the first bottle of it, he was even more fussy than usual. This got worse as the day went on, and he ended up throwing a six hour tantrum. I'm not exaggerating. He seriously cried and screamed and flailed around and whatnot for six hours. We switched him back to the regular formula and I called the doctor on Christmas Eve to ask about the medicine. He said he couldn't call in the prescription until he was in the office, on the 26th. So I called then (yesterday) and he called it in and we started Ilán on it last night. It's baby Zantac, hee hee. He hates the way it tastes - made a terrible face, cried, gagged, and cried more. But if it works, it's worth it. It'll probably take 3-5 days to start working, so until then we're just crossing our fingers that it will actually work. If it doesn't, there are stronger meds he can be on. I just want the poor little guy to be happy. It's so sad to see him so fussy all the time (and it's not easy on me and Tony, either, especially because holding him upright is the only thing that makes him happy!). Tony and I both have stomach issues so Ilán is destined to, too, but it's such a bummer that they started so early!

Napping at Tony's grandma's house
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