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First two weeks

We have a ton of photos of Ilán, both on our camera and my mom's, but we haven't uploaded most of them yet. So for now I'll just post what I have and hopefully post a ton more in the next few days...

Me (looking and feeling like death) and Ilán a few hours after he was born

Daddy and Ilán sleeping at the hospital

Swimming in his going-home outfit (poor rash on his face - it's gone now, thank goodness)

Heading home

He loves his bouncy chair!


Enjoying his co-sleeper

He always sleeps with his hands in his face :P

He looks like he's deep in thought

Ready to kick some ass

He gets SO pissed that he can't crawl

Sleeping at Grandma's

Tired baby and tired mommy

Half of our family, hangin' out on the bed
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I love that picture where he can't crawl.. He looks SO FREAKIN MAD but it is soo cute.
Well, they are ALL cute, but that one is my absolute favorite.
Haha, thanks :) I need to get more photos (and video!) of him trying to crawl, it's so freaking hilarious. Maybe I shouldn't laugh at him when he's upset, but it's just too funny ;P
I swear his hair looks kinda reddish in some of the pictures!
It looks kinda reddish in person, too! It's weird - the hair on the back of his head looks blond/red-blond, and the hair on top looks brown :P I think it's going to end up being a lot like my color before I dyed it, but a little more blond/red. My cousin had very strawberry-blond hair when she was little but it ended up just being blond after awhile. As long as he doesn't have RED red hair, I'll be happy ;P
I have that striped hat too, from the dollar bins at Target! :) It's so cute and fuzzy...I can't wait to actually have a baby to put it on. :)

So what did you think of Evergreen?
I freaking love Target! We got that hat and a bunch of penguin stuff (onesie, bib, bowls, spoon/fork set) from the dollar bins :)

Evergreen was AMAZING. A lot of it had to do with my doctor, but even without him, the entire staff was fantastic and I couldn't have asked for better in that department. All of the nurses were so nice and caring. There's no waiting - you call and they come. They get you what you need. They listen to you and tell you what you need to hear. I had such a difficult labor and delivery that I don't think I would've made it if I'd had a bad nurse or something.

Evergreen's ER, however, I will never go to again. Not that any ER is good, but good lord, I think that experience was even worse than my labor experience!
I'm so glad I keep hearing great things about delivering at Evergreen. :) I agree with you about the ER, though - when I was there this summer I didn't get a good doctor until the third visit in eight days! It was crazy. The first two were just like 'here, take some narcotics,' when what I wanted was to know what was going on! I'm so glad you had great nurses -- they really make a difference.
Why were you in the ER?
It was before they figured out that I needed surgery on my kidney/ureter...but things have been fine in that area since, thank goodness. :) It took until the third ER visit for someone to think of having a urologist look at my ultrasounds, etc...I don't know why they were so happy to give me a bunch of drugs but NOT try to figure out the problem! Hmm, I guess I'm still bitter about it! :)
That is insane! I don't blame you for still being bitter about it. I'll forever be bitter about my ER experience, and it wasn't even nearly as bad as yours!
Oh, and yeah, they were very drug-happy when I was there, too. I was like "Okay, so they may make me feel better for the time being, but what the hell is the underlying problem?!"